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10 years of non stop creativity many places countries spices colors between harmony & craziness... all my experiences re shaped in my hands infinitely uncountable. 10 years of being a nomad moving from place to place putting my perspective on to minimalistic base.
Saved time for myself for my talents then i had all what needed; being creative!
Micro detailed passionately practicality techniques comes out.  Becoming stylish and fashioned on custom jewelry. Called Macramen!
Macramen was start doing creating own designs since 2009
i was wondering some technique for macrame to make some friendship bracelets for fun and spend time nicely . after some years and on the road full power travelling around the world . i met with lots of art and culture and collect many spacial and interesting unique stuff to make jewelry . i have found some technique for macrame which is makes my work up and strong . i have spacial technique to grab the stones and it give me huge space to create many designs every each piece different.

The Spirit Stone Collection was, first and foremost, born out of a captivation and respect for our earth’s kaleidoscope of gems. My extensive gemstone collection is the fruition of careful and contemplative selection from gemstone markets and mineral shows from around the world. i strive to provide an exquisite selection of individually hand- picked stones for customers who have an allure for the beauty of organic forms as well as an appreciation for their energy.

When i began working with stones, i explored alternative stone-setting techniques. Although i appreciate the beauty of metal gem settings, my goal, from the beginning, was to offer something unique. Seeking a design that felt lighter, earthier and organic brought us to the art of macrame . Using the art of knot-tying, or macrame, i set each gemstone in a waxed linen ‘frame.’ Many tiny little knots keep the stone in place and no glue is used in this process. Each piece is designed by hand - with much care and attention to detail. Macrame is a soul healing art , a meditative process and a bridge between ancient art and modern style.
Macramen is a registered company since january 2017 based in Wilmington DE USA
i hope that you enjoy our creations !...you can check all my works what i made since 6 years on instagram facebook etc. like and share please!

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